Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kill Your boredom, With the "Internet"

Ah... some how you get a long long holiday, and you "seemingly" are too lazy to find a part time job, or going out for some healty activity. BUT! you "somehow" feel so bored sitting at home doing nothing...

So here is some Website that help me kill my free time.(And maybe yours!) (-_-!)

aBum.com - video, picture, games, flash site.
uGoto.com - video, picture, games, flash site.
eBaumsworld - video, picture, games, flash site.
hahahumor.com - video, picture, games, flash site.
muchosucko.com - no comment. only been once.
extremefunnypictures.com - havent visited. >.< and lots more...

Free kill time OnlineGames
Gunbound, MU, maplestory, and lots more...(All Free) Note: Kids Stuff content

Free Comic - Tarzan's father(chinese), River(also chinese), and lots more...

Or you can go visit Techtv video library.( You can learn some stuff there!)Or Download all Leo the KFM tech guy previous Radio show.

Or You can always go Bittorrents!

Even Better, Bookmark my site and look at it wholeday! clicks on my ad if u want to. Bookmark this site!


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