Sunday, April 24, 2005

Going for flash Or Disk(MP3)

I've been ask of which is the best... Flash base mp3player or hardisk base.. Until now.. All I can say is that each have their own Pros and cons.. Flash base have an upper hand on, there is no movable parts in it.. So this mean it will last longer.. While Hardisk base mp3 player have an actual hardisk in it(miniature 1" or stamp size) so this mean that it has moverble parts in it.. This will cause the hardisk base mp3player to be damage more easily by falls, knock, shock...
In the other hand.. hardisk base Mp3 have and enormous space.. Mostly 5gb-60gb, this is because as say actually have a hardisk in it(just like the one in your computer,just at a very small size).. While flash base MP3 size on storage my only be from 128mb-2gb.. This is because it uses A memory chip(in another name call flash), so on this it might lose out to the hardisk base mp3 players..
While having a memory chip in state of a hardisk, the flash base mp3 players can achieve a small and compact physical body size.. This does make a flash drive mp3 player to be able to have all kind of shapes and fashion. While the hardisk base mp3 player cant.. althought hardisk base mp3 player may able to be size of ur 5 year old boy's palm, but it is still much bigger then some flash base mp3 players in the market..
Having a Hardisk in a mp3players also have a draw back on the power usage..It actually need a bigger and stonger battery or power source to support it, while the chip base or flash base mp3 does not require such much power..
By having a big and powerful battery, a hardisk.. This make the hardisk base mp3 a more heavy brick to carry.. While the chip base mp3 player does weight like a empty tictac box..
While the large amount of space on the hardisk mp3 player.. One can use it as a backup gadget to back up large file.. Important projects..
Having a hardisk base mp3.. if the manufacturer dint make it well.. songs may skip if some shock or shake occurs, this can be solve by having buffer memory to buffer ur current song and the next song on the list.. some buffer up to 25 minutes...or more.

In the end.. Is up the the individual to choose which is the best for them.. what they need of it.. But later.. I am sure to see more and more types of hardisk or flash base mp3.. That will have solve the draws backs that I've mention..

hope all this information does help u in choosing the right mp3 gadgets for U..


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A date for me to remember~~

April the 4th 4/2/2005 at 4:06:44 PM
was a very special day for me...


A Gig for yahoo.. AND a whooping 2GB & counting for GMAIL..

Yup yahoo is upgrading it's mail to a gigabyte... And Gmail is going for 2 gigabyte.. AND keep on increasing~~~~

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