Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ipod Video!

Ipod nano~ then now Ipod Video~~ this is really great~ I have to change my comment on my previous post~ I really do like the Ipod Video much much more~ for a thing~ the price~ for 30GB the price is just great~ and since ipod photo the bulky unit~ I was hoping it to have video playing capability~ of all it was 60GB~ wat is the use of bringing 60gig of storage out when u only can listen to songs and looking at pictures~~ talk about this size!!! But ipod Video~~ Look at the size!~ 30gb~ and It plays Video! This really get the very point of having an Ipod now~ Big storage~ able to play Video~ what more can we ask for~~ and also~~ USB 2.0!! So is a good Welcome for Windows user!! Very great Job !! machys~~!!

Here is some pic of someone that purchase an Ipod Video (Black)

All rights to this pic got to the owner of these Pic~ named Toastyone.
and some rights go to, as they will have the rights to enquire me to take off this pic.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ipod Nano

Ipod Nano~ I want one!! for me is the best Ipod have maked! Ipod shuffle is not really an Ipod... but the Ipod nano is!!

"spec: color screen, pretty fast processor, extremly gorgeruos, super slim!!

Anyone kindly buy one for me? ~ hehe ty!"


Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Google Talk

Google is rolling out a chating IM.. Kinda a IM and something like Skype!! check It out! Download here install and chat! i mean talk!!!!

Note: only Available for Gmail user


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Penang's haze day~~~

It's was a shock on the day i wake up to found out that our dear hazzy have arrive at penang~ playing KL for few days and it decided to tour it self at penang for a couple of days~~ just time to tickle the little hearts of the summer 8 concert~


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

the 3rd round has began

when to my 3rd job interview~~ got abit idea on wat to do~~ but not so sure yet~~ but anyway the girl that interview me.. is quite a nice girl~~ also from NCC~~ yeah mayb ppl from NCC are nice~~~ hahaha~~ long time dint make a post here d~~ haha lazy me~~ k till here~~ cya~~


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New google costom Homepage

CHeck the the "My google" or "I google" Google have make the home page like yahoo interface... and now u can actually move the topic around~~ check it out..


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The New generation Of Palm Power~

As I've been using quite a number of PalmOs PDA starting from PalmIIIc to Tungsten T(which is quite a disapointment after a long term use) Now finally Another PDA from PalmOne(use to be call "Palm") The LifeDrive(some call it tungsten X) THis PDA drive a 412 MHz Intel XScale PXA270 with WMMX, a Large 4GB hardrive, and a hybrid3.77" 320x480 pixel transmissive/reflective 65k LCD(which look like a tungstern T under the sun and A beutiful colour screen indoor like the T3),Finally a Palm model with Integrated 802.11b WiFi wireless networking; Bluetooth 1.1 and finally a Bigger battery~3.7 volt, 1660 milliamp-hour non-replacable Lithium Ion battery..

Enjoy all the reviews here~~

Btw i also want this PDA.. so any reader want to buy for me is all welcome to do so~~ ty~~ hehe


Sunday, April 24, 2005

Going for flash Or Disk(MP3)

I've been ask of which is the best... Flash base mp3player or hardisk base.. Until now.. All I can say is that each have their own Pros and cons.. Flash base have an upper hand on, there is no movable parts in it.. So this mean it will last longer.. While Hardisk base mp3 player have an actual hardisk in it(miniature 1" or stamp size) so this mean that it has moverble parts in it.. This will cause the hardisk base mp3player to be damage more easily by falls, knock, shock...
In the other hand.. hardisk base Mp3 have and enormous space.. Mostly 5gb-60gb, this is because as say actually have a hardisk in it(just like the one in your computer,just at a very small size).. While flash base MP3 size on storage my only be from 128mb-2gb.. This is because it uses A memory chip(in another name call flash), so on this it might lose out to the hardisk base mp3 players..
While having a memory chip in state of a hardisk, the flash base mp3 players can achieve a small and compact physical body size.. This does make a flash drive mp3 player to be able to have all kind of shapes and fashion. While the hardisk base mp3 player cant.. althought hardisk base mp3 player may able to be size of ur 5 year old boy's palm, but it is still much bigger then some flash base mp3 players in the market..
Having a Hardisk in a mp3players also have a draw back on the power usage..It actually need a bigger and stonger battery or power source to support it, while the chip base or flash base mp3 does not require such much power..
By having a big and powerful battery, a hardisk.. This make the hardisk base mp3 a more heavy brick to carry.. While the chip base mp3 player does weight like a empty tictac box..
While the large amount of space on the hardisk mp3 player.. One can use it as a backup gadget to back up large file.. Important projects..
Having a hardisk base mp3.. if the manufacturer dint make it well.. songs may skip if some shock or shake occurs, this can be solve by having buffer memory to buffer ur current song and the next song on the list.. some buffer up to 25 minutes...or more.

In the end.. Is up the the individual to choose which is the best for them.. what they need of it.. But later.. I am sure to see more and more types of hardisk or flash base mp3.. That will have solve the draws backs that I've mention..

hope all this information does help u in choosing the right mp3 gadgets for U..


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A date for me to remember~~

April the 4th 4/2/2005 at 4:06:44 PM
was a very special day for me...


A Gig for yahoo.. AND a whooping 2GB & counting for GMAIL..

Yup yahoo is upgrading it's mail to a gigabyte... And Gmail is going for 2 gigabyte.. AND keep on increasing~~~~

sign up for one... or just email me and i'll give u a free gmail account....


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another gadget i want for this year....

Panasonic SV-SD100V/SV-SD90 is mine to b.. Any one know where to get it.. pls buy one for me...
The reason i choose this Panasonic then Sony is Becouse i think Sony sucks..(no offen to those Sony's fans) but i like this design more.. and after all Panasonic is my chooice of brand..


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The quake hits again...

It was abt 12:++am mitnite... At northen Indonesia.. magnitude of 8.2 and underocean shake ... here at my apartment things were shaking around.. But it was quite a shake...fortunately no body gets hurt... actually this was the second time this haved happen here at my place... But really hope not many get hurt down south... this were the similar quake triggered a tsunami that left nearly 300,000 people dead or missing, the U.S. Geological Survey said.... so pls warn all ur friends.. abt this... i'll pray here for all


Monday, February 14, 2005

Two gadgets I want for this Year...

Take a look at this 8GB USB PenDrive... and this Cool Looking MP3 player.. i really wish to have these two gadgets...

World smallers 8GB USB PenDrive.. Read

And this cool looking MP3player...Read

hmm... :) ps. anyone... so nice to get one of this for me?

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Into and Moving with year 2005...

As the new year have started not long ago... Many things have happened, some are good some.. not so good.. But no matter what.. We still need to continue living.. As Life are more then just living it...

Its been a while seen I've make a post... But now I'm having a short holiday for CNY, so pick up some time and post some stuff for u all...

Here's a site show some pretty cool picture of bullets shooting through a few objects

here's the link to the site to see more pic..

A lot of advances have make on the IT term... Intel have their 64bit chip make ready to combat AMD; IBM, Sony, toshibah have their own Super Chip to beat all Intel chip 10 times! Sonava is out for centrino take over, AMD have their chip to replace Centrino...

Oh here a site showing how to Overclock your Mac mini.. i have to say.. they really did a great Job on the Mac Mini!! Good goings Apple!!
Here's another cool Video i've found.... this is way way too cool.. a clip of how next generation games going to be!... click here for the video (streaming video.. real player needed) A Must See!

And of dear me... Nothing much have happened lately... Love life still the same... Nothing much to talk abt, accept sad stuff... "She's gone" is all I can say.... Work, is still the same... Working time is still way out of my way.... So I'll b stopping at the end of March of at the beginning of march...

I just want to say to those who ask for my Gmail invites.."I'm just glad to give u those account, and thanks for taking my post in to consideration.. TY" to get your own Gmail acc just email me...


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hating the sound at chinese New year...

Is the time again... Chinese new year... and some Kids here at my apartment dint seem to have a brain... Keep on setting off firework.. here and there around the apartment... the eco of the sound really..are damn noisy... i really really hope some of their own stupidness hit them back... boom off there goes his hand muahahahha!!


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Gmail offer 50 invites....

I just notice that i got 50 invites on my gmail account... so if any one want a gamil acc... just email me...

sorry for lately dint put any post... no mood to make a blog...

got alot of stuff going one....

read more from me..


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It have been a long time...

Yes it have been a long time seen i have make a post here... not becos i been hit by tsunami.. just that i've beeen busy lately.

So here is a Crazy 5 Gigapixel Photo...(talking abt 8 mega pixel.. wait till u see this) This pic u can really zoom like crazy!!
Click HERE to view the picture "note:very big file.. so pls wait while u zoom"

And here is a Free site that let u send up to 1GB file...

And here is a old web fun clip.. a citroen C4 that all guys wanted. "a video clip"

haizz so is until here.. i try keep on posting fun stuff for u all...
2005 have been a bad start for me... i have alot of adjusting to make yet...

Saturday, January 01, 2005

someone special visit my blog today..

her name is Eva... i meet her not long ago.. but she is one nice gal, friendly lovely kind... Meeting u is one of the wonder i have in my life....

a very special Girl