Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The New generation Of Palm Power~

As I've been using quite a number of PalmOs PDA starting from PalmIIIc to Tungsten T(which is quite a disapointment after a long term use) Now finally Another PDA from PalmOne(use to be call "Palm") The LifeDrive(some call it tungsten X) THis PDA drive a 412 MHz Intel XScale PXA270 with WMMX, a Large 4GB hardrive, and a hybrid3.77" 320x480 pixel transmissive/reflective 65k LCD(which look like a tungstern T under the sun and A beutiful colour screen indoor like the T3),Finally a Palm model with Integrated 802.11b WiFi wireless networking; Bluetooth 1.1 and finally a Bigger battery~3.7 volt, 1660 milliamp-hour non-replacable Lithium Ion battery..

Enjoy all the reviews here~~

Btw i also want this PDA.. so any reader want to buy for me is all welcome to do so~~ ty~~ hehe



full time fucker said...

buy hui lan. buy palm for what? palm geek? i think nw u are huilan geek d,hehehe. mai titi think palm.think gal

Anonymous said...

hahah...i dunno wat to say lo, it seems tat u wan so many things... but seriously la, if u really handsome, thn ppl might consider buy for u one, but too bad u r not...hahahah.....pls pardon me for being so honest...HAHAHHA