Monday, November 29, 2004

Yahoo mail 250mb account

As said in May this year, yahoo is making changes in their account to upgrade to 200mb, so look out 4 ur upgrade. but some will not have this upgrade! so look out 4 urs!


Saturday, November 27, 2004

All Gmail Invitation Use up.

Previously i post some Gmail invitation. and now they are all use up! If i find any more i post it again.(update.. new invites are avalable.. view my laters post for more detail)


Friday, November 26, 2004

baby me, all clean and healthy yeepee!!

I'm worried... Very worried

Is abt 6am this morning. i went to the bathroom for my usual "business", after my "business" i found out that there are sign of blood in my urine... and this worried the hell out of me. i search the Internet abt blood in urine and they say it might be or it is "hematuria", they say it might not be serious at all, BUT it also MIGHT BE!! and this worried the world out of me... The worse thing is that i'm having my final exam for my 1st year this sunday. oh i'm so worried now... dare not go to toilet, and suddently i feel irritation on my kidney and many other parts...

I'm going to the hospital now. Hope for the best, but now think of the worst.. :'(

if any one reading this post, pls send something that u now abt this problem... thank you in advance...

read more on blood in urine on this link blood 1, blood 2, blood 3

Thursday, November 25, 2004

And there were Two.... Keatloon

Hmm look what i've found... yup another keatloon. looks like my name is quite popular among some mother yer.

look at this guy here.

yup his name is "keatloon", sad to say he's more better looking then me <:(

But he might be pretty piss of that some other guy(ME!) get all the the username, eg: keatloon@hotmail, "@gmail, "@yahoo, "@walla, "@fastmail, etc,dont forget keatloon@blogspot, even game id like keatloon in gunbound and also knight! hiak hiak! he might need to go with keatloon01 or some thing else Like But any way "Nice seeing Ur picture keatloon!" feel abit weird saying that!


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Windows PowerToys From Microsoft

Did u know That u can add some Pretty fun Add-ins to ur Windows XP(not Xp user can try see if it works 4 u), This is call the PowerToys from own big daddy bill microsoft. some are pretty useful. Again is from microsoft so u can trust this software they put alot of hardwork to it! so go try it out!

There are some add-ins for ur other microsoft product here.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Hotmail is now 250mb

Yup You read Right, rumors is correct of the Hotmail is Now 250mb, and is about time for the tiny tiny 2mb to grow to 250mb! or in other words for some ppl is 250mb of spam! haha! check your hotmail account now and see you've got the upgrade. If you dint have the upgrade yet, u can wait for it or report it. whatever that make you happy :p


"FireFox" a must have internet Browser

Are you all tire of internet pop-up, some unwanted code install in your PC(spyware). you all might want to check out FireFox from mozilla. FireFox is an internet browser, just like your Internet Explorer form microsoft, but a better one then IE, FireFox is open source so you can have alot of third party extension and theme to install and upgrade. Did i mention that FireFox is totally Free! Try It out today, is only 4.8mb. click here to Download.

Some Extension that i like is Bugmenot log in using share user name and password so cut off all ur signing up time, Adblock which block out the ad that u hate with just right click on it, and a must have View IE because not all webpage fully support alternative broswer. a fun extension like mouse gestures try it out your self.

you can also click here to get Firefox


Get Firefox!


Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ahem.. Attention Porn site surfers

Those of you, or someone that u know that enjoy Porn surfing, beware! because u might end up costing yourseft a pretty penny! (This is directed to those using TM net or jaring dial up user.) and other dial-up user too. because some Porn site connect the user to their server through an IDD call in most time at a premium rate! So Porn site surfer... Think before u Surf This Site, there are much more better stuff u can do!

If you want to read more on this topic, you can visit The star newspaper online here

Avoid Porn....


And It begins....

Final exam.. In a Week time, And I just Getting started to study!! What!!! 1 Week?? Shock myself. So it begin, my all time favorite Last minute study!(not my favorite actually bcos I've been force to...) So here I go!
And here is some site to help All My Exam Sitting Friend.

Last minute Tips: Three Late Night Study Tips, Last minute tips, A girl's Tips on Last minute Study.

Hope This help! And all the best!


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Add some 3D to your Windows (Madotate)

Have You Feel tired of seeing ur normal 2D minimize maximizing your windows? here is a little software to spice up ur windows! try this free software called "Madotate" ! it turns ur windows to a 3D enviorment went u minimize ur multiple windows!

screen shot of a Madotate 3D multiple windows

Note: you need to have "Winrar" to open the download file! This software is make by japanese so u might want to note the context menu, (L)=Convert all open windows to 3D, (R)=convert all back to normal windows, (s)=setting, (A)=About, (X)=Exit Madotate. hope u all enjoy it! If u dont know how to download click HERE.

thanks to dear sarahlane from techtv TSS

The other side of heaven

To my dear brother and sisters, this is a very nice movie of a missionary who when of o an remote island to preach. Is really touching. hope u all enjoy the movie!


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

OOhh yes!! yee pee!

muahaha yes yes yes! i pass again!! safe all those stupid re-sit money!! And if any one know about the price of the new motorola slim phone pls let me know!

here is the review of this phone

ascii art

ASCII ArT RoCks... just try it out! go google and search


err today is the day of truth, a long waited day (part 1) getting my Result. gosh now at 9:05am sitting here dint really know whats going to happen later, tension arise. going to know the truth at 1pm later yeee! Err yup i think this is enought 4 now hahahaha! still learning how to use this crappy blog!

hmmm just some site 4 u all to enjoy , yup many of u know this site, but some of u still dint found out yet! so enjoy ur self if u haven!

hey is yet another sad day...

haizz i have seen her with the other guy again.... this time is at night abt 11pm, waht would a guy and a girl do so late at night? only one can imagine! and hey this is my 1st blog i dint really know wat it does so just give it a shot see how it turns out! and i turn a year older today! haha