Tuesday, November 23, 2004

"FireFox" a must have internet Browser

Are you all tire of internet pop-up, some unwanted code install in your PC(spyware). you all might want to check out FireFox from mozilla. FireFox is an internet browser, just like your Internet Explorer form microsoft, but a better one then IE, FireFox is open source so you can have alot of third party extension and theme to install and upgrade. Did i mention that FireFox is totally Free! Try It out today, is only 4.8mb. click here to Download.

Some Extension that i like is Bugmenot log in using share user name and password so cut off all ur signing up time, Adblock which block out the ad that u hate with just right click on it, and a must have View IE because not all webpage fully support alternative broswer. a fun extension like mouse gestures try it out your self.

you can also click here to get Firefox


Get Firefox!


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