Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ipod Video!

Ipod nano~ then now Ipod Video~~ this is really great~ I have to change my comment on my previous post~ I really do like the Ipod Video much much more~ for a thing~ the price~ for 30GB the price is just great~ and since ipod photo the bulky unit~ I was hoping it to have video playing capability~ of all it was 60GB~ wat is the use of bringing 60gig of storage out when u only can listen to songs and looking at pictures~~ talk about this size!!! But ipod Video~~ Look at the size!~ 30gb~ and It plays Video! This really get the very point of having an Ipod now~ Big storage~ able to play Video~ what more can we ask for~~ and also~~ USB 2.0!! So is a good Welcome for Windows user!! Very great Job !! machys~~!!

Here is some pic of someone that purchase an Ipod Video (Black)

All rights to this pic got to the owner of these Pic~ named Toastyone.
and some rights go to, as they will have the rights to enquire me to take off this pic.