Thursday, November 12, 2009

Facebook Eaten away my blog..

It's been like eon's after eon's since I've last updated my blog... This is all because of FACEBOOK!! I've hook up to fb so much tat i constantly updating it... and it's much more easier... as i'm used to updating by my phone...

I just can't get it work on blogger.. and i just don't really know how to use the mms and email base upload(as simple as it seems)... maybe someone that have done that... giving me a tip?

Anyway.. nothing much happen lately... still single but not available... can't post much personal stuff here cos of a certain person i do not wish them to read about some of my stuff... but still thinking of getting a restraining order upon them... kekeke.. it's just a thought.

Actually i'm getting pretty sick of my blog lay out... really thinking of changing it...

so this is it lah.. free time i'll drop to post again..