Friday, December 31, 2004

A Tidal that took alots away..

The tsunami tidal wave that hit Penang island... have took alot of penang ppl life's and propreties. A man that survive with his only batik shop has Been wash away by the wave.. he lost all his 35k shop and his 20k saving... and alot of them has lose their house... car.. And the most Is thier love's one.... A beutiful peaceful Island of Penang Have face its sadest day... a day when sorrow fill ppl hearts.. dreams have been taken away..
We have learn something abt this incident, that is never forsake the mother nature... we abuse it everyday.. never really care for it, we have pust it to the climax.. until It cannot stand any more it will strike back.. and when it strike, It will strike hard...
apreciat of what we have...


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Speed the hack out of Firefox browser..

Open 'about:config' in your address bar and then... (in other words is type "about:config" in your address bar)

For Broadband:

network.http.max-connections : 64
network.http.max-connections-per-server : 21
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server : 8
network.http.pipelining : true
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests : 100
network.http.proxy.pipelining : true

For Dial-up:

browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl : true
browser.xul.error_pages.enabled : true
content.interrupt.parsing : true
content.max.tokenizing.time : 3000000
content.maxtextrun : 8191
content.notify.backoffcount : 5
content.notify.interval : 750000
content.notify.ontimer : true
content.switch.threshold : 750000
network.http.max-connections : 32
network.http.max-connections-per-server : 8
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy : 8
network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server : 4
network.http.pipelining : true
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests : 8
network.http.proxy.pipelining : true
nglayout.initialpaint.delay : 750
plugin.expose_full_path : true
signed.applets.codebase_principal_support : true

Then right click anywhere in that window(if your on broadband, this is useless on dialup) and click new>integer with the name "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and the value "0"

This will cause there to be no delay in rendering pages, and will also make a crapload of connections to a websites server. this is about the max number you can do before anti-DOS stuff kicks in at there end. and it WILL speed up browsing a lot...

some one try it and this is wat happend: "my friend tried the dialup one, it makes his connection on dialup as fast as his bro's 768k DSL(well for websurfing). and it makes the DSL as fast as my cable"

That's y i love FireFox internet browser! try it!
click here to download firefox internet browser


Get Firefox!


Sunday, December 26, 2004

A sad day at Penang island

It's 9:30am At penang island. I was sleeping but a friend of my suddently call me and say that there's an earth quake.. He said that I better come down from my apartment, but I was thinking that it was a joke (so i continue my sleep). But at 12pm I saw big strong tidal wave hitting our island beach! Said that it was 2 story high.. For Malaysia that was a strange thing to happen! And I keep on seeing and hearing ambulance passing by our place every 2-3minute. At 3:30pm I head down to my Christian meeting, found out that several roads have been block! Small boats have been wash up to the roads.. Sea water has destroy many cars. It was said that because of the after effect of sri langka earth quake. 4:30pm a friend of my show me some pic he took from his apartment, pic of ppl drowning cos of wave.. Several dead body on the road side... picture of ppl calling help at the middle of the sea. At 6:00pm confirm of 12 ppl have died.

tsunami cos boats to rise up to tg tokong roads.

going to post some of the incident picture later.. (after reading this post, pls have some quiet for those family member that are involve in the incident)


Thursday, December 23, 2004


i'm so boring now... nothing to do here! what should i do? kk if u guys want to get some MODing lights for your casing! just email me! my email is abit below on the right of my blog!


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

There use to be ASCII art....But now.. A movie!

If u go to my 3rd post... U'll see an ASCII art of my face.... If u think that's cool.. Wait till u see this! A movie of spider man 2 make out of ASCII! Yeah u'll b amazes of it.. Click here to go to the site! ASCII spider man 2

note: it seem to slow down my PC while loading the site! At lease 1.5Ghz is recommended..


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You always be remembered and miss!

Daniel rush... He will be leaving us today at 11am back to Indonesia! He have been here for 4 years, and he have bring us joy, he have been a great helping hand to our congregation, he also set an example for us young ones to follow! As you have know Daniel, all of us here will miss u a lot, and I'm sure u also will miss us.. And we know u miss your home town more! Dear Daniel, I wish you the best! And I'll miss u very much! I know u cry that night in the car hehehe u think I cant see it leh... Not only me see it nia! haha... Seriously I'm going to miss u a lot!

Here's the good bye You have leave as a remembrance for me..


Although your person have leave us... But what ever u do for us will remained here forever.. MISS YOU!

Me and daniel sending a Door for 2 weeks hehe...

Monday, December 20, 2004

Suprnova no more!.. Is no more! The great site is gone!! I cant believe this! Guess is the doing of MPAA argh!! Damn... bittorent are some of my main reason I wanted my cable modem so much! Now I don't really know what to do! Here's some site that haven't been shut down
Mac Torrents Kick Ass

read more here

download while you can!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Gigabyte SLI dual GPU card

Nvidia has come out a technology call SLI "Scalable Link Interface"(actually long time ago voodoo graphic already use this kind of technology d), But the SLI really need to have 2 GPU to work, and all Graphic card only have one, so nvidia come out with a bridge for their 6800 card a bridge to link the two cards together, and that really take a lot of ur space, a crazy 4-5 of ur PCI slot, so now Gigabyte has come out with a single card that have 2 GPU.. Lets have a look.

read more here!

Note: normally to setup a SLI interface will cost you about RM5000+


Friday, December 17, 2004

In The Training area

Sad sad I cant Get my cable modem access in my home due to the cable modem company mistake! So I now only can use the internet when only I'm at the training area of where I work! So update to my current working statute, my pay is not the high as I expected, but they do give commission.. My own personal kick ass computer, with large LCD screen, 160gb SATA hardisk, 512mb, Nvidia 6800 SLI, yeah real kick butt System there! But only 2.4ghz processor...
so until now I dint really know any of the worker at This training area, They are not so Social... He hope they dint read this post!

until now I cant really find any new stuff to say.. Accept THIS..." SEAN NEE I REALLY LIKE U...."


Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The apprentice is back

Yup I've Just came back From my Training. Yah still abit blur of what happen there. Seeming that I got some sort of branch manager assistant post. or shop assistant, whatever it is all I know I'm going to be an assistant of some sort. The pay is quite good. But the working timing is conflict with my Christian meeting time, so I might need to ask the boss to make some adjustment for me. The good part is, My job seem to let my review or play with all the latter's PC hardware gadget, some of them are pretty hot stuff too. Yeah that's the part that makes me want to take up these job, but because of the work time... I might make some requirement with the boss. Oh here's the company website

here's a funny pic...



The journey begins

And so The young apprentice Begins his journey to the world of lies, betray, friendship, loyalty and so forth, it known as the world of employment. Yes today is the day that I go for my interview, prepared with nothing in hand, no knowledge for what I'm applying for... So wait for the next post and see what happen to me there.



I post this application at my Previous post! Dint really explan what It is. So now I'm going to Let u know more abt it. This is a software that kindof adding some Mac motion or animation to your windows. If you know Mac osX you might likely know what i'm talking abt. If u dont know then see this video clip i took At my own winplosion HERE.
It is in Divx format, so u might want to download a Divx player Or use Windows media player10.

Sreenshot of winPlosion multiple windows

Or You can always go to their website for more Info.


Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And it gets worse

Now i found out that I need to go for an Interview with the Boss, But the thing is I Don't know What the hack Pos I'm applying for! gosh i cant imagine where this is leading to...

BTW here is one software for u! is call Winplosion, It turn your Windows a little bit like what happen to MAC osX, when You move your mouse over the coner side of your window.


It gets weird

I was been offer a job at a Computer workshop, but the things is that they dint want to let me know what post I'm going to have there! Weird... Tomorrow I'll be heading there to get my training, and yet again, I don't know what training they going to give me...
My friend is a branch Manager there, even he donno what post they going to offer me! Just wanted and see who can tell what this mean! pls make a post about this. Thank you!


It's been a while...

Yes It has been a while seen my last post! It's just because I lost my firefox bookmark and don't really know what to write, and... Also I have a lot of things to do lately, need to get ready for my new work training, busy on a drama, and having some other thing going on. And also I have been watching season 1-4 of futurama and season 5-7 and abit of season 8 of southpark. I have to say I'm abit addicted to this two movie. Many thing have happen to me this past few weeks, there are good things and also sad stuff, One of my friend have left penang to johor, and another is going back to Indonesia this coming Monday. This two friends have a bit role in my life.. Later on I'm b post some stuff abt them and how they lighten up my life! And also I've watch a Spanish movie lately, and that movie just taunt my man! Seeing two old guys wearing dirty pajamas running throw out the whole movie is just not right! I also forget the movie's name d. haizz so until here! Enjoy ur life!


Thursday, December 09, 2004

IBM no more... Sort of

The Great IBM is officially Out of PC business, They've sell their PC business to a Chinese computer maker Lenovo. This is telling us that after a few years more we cant tell that if we can still buy a laptop or desktop with names like DEll, SONY, HP on it anymore! And for now is so long amigo!
Read more
Hope Toshiba out 1st :p


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cant spell right?

If u Cant really spell stuff right(like me), you might want to try this software! called Tinyspell, It help u spell Or check ur spelling even when U r not at Ms words, even check ur spelling when Your are at Note pad. Try It!

Ah.. just cant wait for New work To start!



Sing It... A website That sings!

Check out this site! i found at sarahlane blogs! Call "Let them sing it for you". Just type your words and they will Sing it 4 you! Pretty funny. click here to the site! Must go, MUst try!


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Kill Your boredom, With the "Internet"

Ah... some how you get a long long holiday, and you "seemingly" are too lazy to find a part time job, or going out for some healty activity. BUT! you "somehow" feel so bored sitting at home doing nothing...

So here is some Website that help me kill my free time.(And maybe yours!) (-_-!) - video, picture, games, flash site. - video, picture, games, flash site.
eBaumsworld - video, picture, games, flash site. - video, picture, games, flash site. - no comment. only been once. - havent visited. >.< and lots more...

Free kill time OnlineGames
Gunbound, MU, maplestory, and lots more...(All Free) Note: Kids Stuff content

Free Comic - Tarzan's father(chinese), River(also chinese), and lots more...

Or you can go visit Techtv video library.( You can learn some stuff there!)Or Download all Leo the KFM tech guy previous Radio show.

Or You can always go Bittorrents!

Even Better, Bookmark my site and look at it wholeday! clicks on my ad if u want to. Bookmark this site!


Sunday, December 05, 2004

At last... At last! I'M FREE!!!

Yahoo! booyacasha! I'm free, I'm free! I finish my final exam for my diploma! A year of hard work now had reach it's end! Ah~~~ freeness!

A new beginning will start in a short while, I'll be heading for my work at an entertaining tech work shop! But for now, is time to rest and enjoy the last 2 season of Futurama!

Thank u all who give me the support that I need all this while, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


Crime Doesn't pay.....

A friend send this to me, so I just wanted to let u all read! click the picture to enlarge!

click to enlarge


Friday, December 03, 2004

And It all when well... kind of

Back from the x-ray, and blood test! nothing wrong with my blood or my kidney or my bladder or my liver! but there are still sign of blood in my urine but now is not visible like the 1st time! so doctor say is ok. until further sign of horror in my urine i'm now safe! phew what a relife!

thanks for all ur concern!


Back For The Result! Haizz...

Is About one week seen I went to the Hospital for my Check up, and today at 8:00am I'll be back there to get my blood result and get Xray on my Kidney, Bladder and Ureter. I really hate this, the whole week has been a horror to me! Not knowing what is going on with me. And for a person that hate to Visit a doctor for many reason, this is more horror to me then others. After the doctor confirm blood in my urine, and have to wait another week to get my blood test result. So this is it! Think for the worst, hope for the best.

thanks for those who previously post comments for me and email me! Thank you very much!

And know what I thinking of? Is to Get back Home As fast as possible!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Konfabulator Now On Windows!

If You want to know what is Konfabulator; It adds little Widgets to your Desktop. It was a Mac applications but now on windows. It's been release for about 1 month, I just abit lazy to post up here. Try it Out! Click here to download!

Here is a screen shot of Konfabulator

click to enlarge

I dint put a lot of widgets, you can download more widgets from the site. Post me what widgets you use. Hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Know Who was the sender! Virus on your email!

So some of you are terrify to open any attachment on your email... due to the wide spread virus on the email attachment. So now, how to know which attachment is fake. 1st anyone who u don't know send you an attachment, DON'T OPEN!(very high % is hackers using random email add. sending this virus). Ok 2nd, Let's say You see one email's add. that you know of!(and u say hey is my friend add.) but u feel that the subject title is abit weird,(eg: important msg, i'm in love, Or i love u etc etc) then you open... Walla! u bite the bate! So how u know that the hacker's is using your friend's email add. to send u Virus attachment? Or how the hack i know which attachment is really from my friend!

Is Very easy! 1st you need to do is... safe all your Friend email add. and put nick name for each of them! Then now If your friend did send u a msg or attachment, normally it will display your friend's nick name that u put! BUT, If a hacker is using your Friend's Email to forward virus attachment to you, YOUR FRIEND's NICK NAME will NOT APPEAR! Instead It Will appear your friend email add. but not your friend nick name that u key in!

Tips to avoid Virus: Use webase email client, keep your operating system up-to-date, the best way is! Open your email or surf the net on a cyber cafe! LOL
Hope my tips help you Fight your battle between your free time and Virus! Note that virus travel by email attachment! And only few travel by it self!