Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Know Who was the sender! Virus on your email!

So some of you are terrify to open any attachment on your email... due to the wide spread virus on the email attachment. So now, how to know which attachment is fake. 1st anyone who u don't know send you an attachment, DON'T OPEN!(very high % is hackers using random email add. sending this virus). Ok 2nd, Let's say You see one email's add. that you know of!(and u say hey is my friend add.) but u feel that the subject title is abit weird,(eg: important msg, i'm in love, Or i love u etc etc) then you open... Walla! u bite the bate! So how u know that the hacker's is using your friend's email add. to send u Virus attachment? Or how the hack i know which attachment is really from my friend!

Is Very easy! 1st you need to do is... safe all your Friend email add. and put nick name for each of them! Then now If your friend did send u a msg or attachment, normally it will display your friend's nick name that u put! BUT, If a hacker is using your Friend's Email to forward virus attachment to you, YOUR FRIEND's NICK NAME will NOT APPEAR! Instead It Will appear your friend email add. but not your friend nick name that u key in!

Tips to avoid Virus: Use webase email client, keep your operating system up-to-date, the best way is! Open your email or surf the net on a cyber cafe! LOL
Hope my tips help you Fight your battle between your free time and Virus! Note that virus travel by email attachment! And only few travel by it self!


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