Sunday, December 26, 2004

A sad day at Penang island

It's 9:30am At penang island. I was sleeping but a friend of my suddently call me and say that there's an earth quake.. He said that I better come down from my apartment, but I was thinking that it was a joke (so i continue my sleep). But at 12pm I saw big strong tidal wave hitting our island beach! Said that it was 2 story high.. For Malaysia that was a strange thing to happen! And I keep on seeing and hearing ambulance passing by our place every 2-3minute. At 3:30pm I head down to my Christian meeting, found out that several roads have been block! Small boats have been wash up to the roads.. Sea water has destroy many cars. It was said that because of the after effect of sri langka earth quake. 4:30pm a friend of my show me some pic he took from his apartment, pic of ppl drowning cos of wave.. Several dead body on the road side... picture of ppl calling help at the middle of the sea. At 6:00pm confirm of 12 ppl have died.

tsunami cos boats to rise up to tg tokong roads.

going to post some of the incident picture later.. (after reading this post, pls have some quiet for those family member that are involve in the incident)


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