Thursday, November 18, 2004

Add some 3D to your Windows (Madotate)

Have You Feel tired of seeing ur normal 2D minimize maximizing your windows? here is a little software to spice up ur windows! try this free software called "Madotate" ! it turns ur windows to a 3D enviorment went u minimize ur multiple windows!

screen shot of a Madotate 3D multiple windows

Note: you need to have "Winrar" to open the download file! This software is make by japanese so u might want to note the context menu, (L)=Convert all open windows to 3D, (R)=convert all back to normal windows, (s)=setting, (A)=About, (X)=Exit Madotate. hope u all enjoy it! If u dont know how to download click HERE.

thanks to dear sarahlane from techtv TSS

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