Monday, March 27, 2006

My n70 RIP "2006-2-15 - 2006-3-26"

gone~~~ my stolend away from me!! damn bitch or basterd who stole it!! i was slping when it was stolend from my room window as my phone were at my bed!! i really cant stand this thief.. they are those ppl who dint have money and are too lazy to work... i think those night life entertainer are more better then thoe good for nothing bitch and basterd thief... ireally really damn hate them...

who ever stole my phone... i have curse ur life and ur future ahead u... ur family for one will all die! if u have a gf... she will leave you and fuck with ur best friend, if u have wife.. do which ur wife have a damn great illness!! children? y aall of them have to be kidnap!! and for u the thief! hope ur genitals been eat by dogs !! and get stuck with great illness which cos u great pain!

for those who are these thief friend who is not in the tread! leave him or her!! damn

as for now... the best revenge i can have is! to continue living a better happy life! but still a curse is a curse!! you(the damn thief) will be curse for life@! haha hope u enjoy ur new cursed life!! careful while crossing the road!!!

for all my friends if u happen to see ur friend who bought a second hand n70 with these imei number do pls let me know! thanks!!

my n70 imei number : 357927005276491

live a life where u can be proud of wat u achive and own.... not like those who stole from others.. these ppl are worse then the maggoots of a dead pig....


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