Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new year mission...

I'm Back!! It's been soo long seen i post!! hehe

OK let's get down to business. I not a shame to admit that i'm really too FAT!! FAT!! man...

2006 is been a year of fatness, sadness, non stress free year.. and 3 weeks ago i finish my last exam paper... hehe

so.. a need mission is in my pocket... actually should i say "month"?

i going on a super diet! super fit keeping plan.. but still nto sure how it going to turn out.. but will post soon for the result!

a picture of me! FAT..

Posing Fat...

Tips FAT..

Red Devilly FAT

construction FAt

Oh man~~ so fat!! i dint really recall how i get this fat.. i dont!!

It hits me hard.. real hard when i saw a pic of my OLD FAT friend which now turn to NEW fit friend... dam.. i never know the good looking side of him... argh~ i so wanted tobe that handsome.. i know i'm that handsome.. hahahahahahaha

oh before i stop!!

some pic of my cute cousin!!

all the best to you all!!

to me too...


1 comment:

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